“A Celebration of Unity”

You are invited to be a part of the National Heritage Festival. Gather together with your fellow Americans, representing every ethnic group in our society, to be a part of this first ever celebration in our nation's capital. America is filled with talent of every kind and this festival will showcase some of the outstanding vocal talent from across this great land as well as the rich diversity of ethnicity from which we all come from.

God will always be at the forefront of the National Heritage Festival. For in every document of our country, God is asked to bless and be a part of the many decisions that are made. We, as a people, must always thank God for the foresight of our forefathers for instilling the knowledge in them to draft the documents so everyone will be able to enjoy the freedoms and liberties that we all enjoy. This Festival is designed exclusively to exploit those freedoms and liberties.

The 2018 National Heritage Festival

The National Heritage Festival

The Event

A 2-day Celebration of Unity in our Nation's Capital (September 21-22, 2018). Live choir performances and love light up Washington DC in first annual event. Click More Details below for more information about what is planned.

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Perform at the National Heritage Festival


You are invited to bring your entire choir to perform as part of the celebration. All are welcome to attend this family friendly event. Join us for the music, inspiration and a peaceful appreciation of God's Grace, Our Country and Our Lives Together as Americans. Click below to book your travel and hotel accommodations for the event.

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