Our Mission

Please support the National Heritage Festival

Building a brighter future for our children and youth is the central mission of the National Heritage Festival. Young people are our country’s future. Our lives and soon their lives combined are forming the heritage for all future generations of Americans. Only by studying our past and looking at the progress that we’ve made, can we hope to see the road to an even brighter future. Let’s do this together.

Unfortunately, for some of us, there will be no future. In a recent study by the CDC    the top 3 leading causes of deaths among adolescents aged 15–19 years: 1. Accidents (unintentional injuries), 2. Suicide and 3. Homicide. CNN called it a 'wake-up call' about what's killing America's young people. We couldn’t agree more. 

The National Heritage Festival feels it is critical to do something now to educate our young people about these dangers and help them avoid the things that can kill, injure or enslave them. Top of our list...

  • Drugs
  • Violence
  • Human Trafficking

These are very tough problems. We know, as an organization, we can’t tackle them alone. Here are some of the partners we’ve selected to work with...

Operation Underground Railroad - Helps rescue victims of human trafficking and rebuild their lives. A portion of the proceeds from the National Heritage Festival event will go toward supporting these organizations and educational programs listed above. We hope you will support the National Heritage Festival. By doing so, it will allow these efforts to move forward.