There are many opportunities for your choir to perform during the National Heritage Festival. Performances are scheduled between 11 am and 1 pm Friday and Saturday at selected parks in Washington, D.C. Bring your choir and perform. 

All participating choir members must dress in the official National Heritage Festival matching t-shirts. The t-shirts are $25 each and are available at the National Heritage Festival Store. Suggested t-shirt colors are:

  • Sopranos – Black
  • Altos – Red
  • Tenors – White
  • Bass – Blue

We ask that you please purchase your t-shirts now so that the factory has time to make them and ship them to you in time for the event. The Park Service does not allow vendors on the National Mall. So be advised, we will NOT have t-shirts for sale at the event. Please purchase them now.

To register your choir, click here. Then visit the National Heritage Festival Store on this website to purchase your t-shirts.